Fleet of hot air balloons rise above London for charity event

The Lord Mayor's Hot Air Balloon Regatta took place in the UK capital yesterday (June 9) showcasing 46 balloons.

The festivities fired up at Battersea Park and the balloons floated along the Thames with famous landmarks in the background for early birds in the city to revel in at 5 am.

The video shows the fleet floating past the Albion Riverside building and the Royal College of Arts.

The filmer said: "Seriously, it was the most magical sight, to see them rise silently from behind the trees and float gently away.

"It's the silence of them that's so entrancing, the huge shapes making no noise except the occasional burst of gas.

"I think you can see the flame flickering in one of them on the video as they went for more lift.

"I do have the most fantastic view, I can watch the New Year's Eve fireworks from my flat too."