Fluffy pomeranian confused after owner hides behind door

This little Pomeranian was left confused after running in to see her owner - who was hiding behind a door.

Aor Pimrada, 30, recorded her dog Tuay-foo being adorably mystified when he found her suddenly disappeared from the living room in Nakhon Sawan, central Thailand.

Footage on April 30 shows the two-year-old dog looking around the room as he could not decide which direction he should go and where his owner was. So, Tuay-foo ended up running back and forth through the door without realising that Aor has been hiding very close to him all along.

The game was interrupted when Aor’s boyfriend showed up and led the dog to her.

Aor said: ''He looked very funny when he ran all over the place. I could tell how confused he was when he couldn’t find me. I gave him another chance later that day, but he still missed me.''