Foreigner breaks up fight between Chinese passengers on Shanghai Metro

A foreigner broke up a fight between two Chinese commuters on the Shanghai Metro on October 10.

Video shows the fight spilling out from the carriage onto the platform.

A man in a yellow shirt pushes another passenger in a black jumper onto the floor on a Line 9 train.

However, he gets back on his feet immediately and begins scrapping with the man in a yellow shirt inside the carriage.

A middle-aged man with a North American accents shouts at them: “Hey! Hey! Cut it out! What is the matter with you guys?" He then grabs the arm of one of the men.

After the foreigner's intervention, the two calm down.

Some users on the Chinese social media platform Weibo praised the foreigner's intervention.

“This goes to show that the quality of our people is still too low compared with other countries," one online commenter said.