Four puppies rescued after spending two days trapped under concrete electricity posts

This is the heartwarming moment four puppies were rescued after spending two days trapped under concrete electricity posts.

Nipha Saisung, 45, called rescue volunteers after she heard dogs whining from under the pile of abandoned construction equipment in a field in Chonburi, central Thailand last Saturday (January 26).

They are believed to have scampered inside while playing with the puppies following each other under the rubble.

Animal workers from the Dharma Rasami Maneerat Foundation used cutting tools to separate a pile of heavy poles layer by later until they found four exhausted puppies trapped inside.

Officers carefully carried them out one by one. It took about half an hour after to save the little strays from inside the narrow space.

After getting outside, they immediately rushed to their mother who had been walking around the pile and waiting for them.

Nipha said that she had seen these puppies with the mother in this neighbourhood before but she did not see them around for two days until she heard them crying.

She said: ''I didn’t know how they got in there. But I think they might chase each other until one of them hide in little space between posts and was followed by the three others.''

Nipha said she also tried to feed the dogs while waiting for help but they were unable to reach them.

She added: ''Being trapped in little spaces made it hard for them to eat or drink anything.''

''I am sure they could not get out on their own. Thanks to volunteer officers for coming to save their lives.''