Free-running cat has learned how to leap across tables at cafe in Thailand

This free-running cat is a hit with cafe customers after learning to jump across the tables.

The athletic kitty named Cheetah has learned the impressive free-running style moves from her owner, Tassanaporn, who patiently taught her how to leap between the gaps.

Two-year-old Cheetah was filmed showing off her skills at the cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, last Friday (August 16).

Owner Khun Tassanaporn said: ''She is so playful, she loves jumping around in the shop.

''She has never been trained before, I just knocked on the table from across the room then she would jump on the table to me.

''I've had her since she was a little kitten, I adored her so much that I could not stand not to play with her.

''The customers like her as much as me, at the beginning I did not allow her in the cafe but she would always sneak in.

''Our customers are primarily Muslim, so of course, they like cats and when they see her, they like her so much so I just let it be.

''The customer loves how playful she is and they ignore the fact that she loves to bite, too.''