Fresh wave of migrants from Honduras enters Guatemala

A new migrant caravan, the first of this year but the fourth since the phenomenon began, crossed from Honduras and reached Guatemala city on Wednesday night.

The group is formed of around 600-800 people, according to the filmer.

"Unlike previous caravans, the presence of children is more evident in this one, with whole and complete families forming the majority of the caravan," he said.

The caravan is crossing following incendiary comments from US President Donald Trump, who has portrayed its members as "bad people". He tweeted that “only a wall will work. Only a wall, or steel barrier, will keep our country safe!” on Tuesday.

The current US government shutdown is in its 27th day as of Thursday, making it the longest in US history. It was instigated by a conflict between Trump and congressional Democrats over funding for a wall along the US border with Mexico.