Full grown cobra retrieved from under BMW hood in India

A 6-feet-long cobra slithered inside a BMW that drove over it on a road, moving into the engine compartment, until it was removed at a service station in south India.

The men in the car, who thought they had run over the cobra, were shocked when they spotted it outside the moving car. They pulled into a service station where a snake handler was able to pull the angry cobra out from behind the front bumper of the car.

The incident occurred when two businessmen were driving to Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India, for a wedding on November 9.

They failed to spot the snake crossing the road, and thought they had run over it.

However the cobra had escaped the tyres and somehow hung on to the underside of the car before climbed into the engine compartment.

The men called the fire brigade but their personnel failed to notice any snake inside the car.

But sure that there was a cobra inside the car, the men took it to a BMW service station where a snake expert, Sanjai, from Save our Snakes organisation rescued it.