Funny Baby Rocks himself to Sleep

Kids can fall asleep anywhere! You don’t believe me? Well, this video will prove my point! This little boy fell asleep on a rocking horse. How amazing is that? An average adult struggles to fall asleep every night but kids can fall asleep anywhere. It’s just not fair! LOL!\nThis video proves one thing every parent knows. A kid will fall asleep ANYWHERE but in his own bed! The minute you put him in bed, he'll wake up. That's parenting 101! This is one area where kids and seniors are so similar. They can nap standing up, sitting down, laying on the floor, and in this hilarious case, driving a toy car. There's nothing that can interfere with their nap time. They don't mind bright light, loud noises, people walking, and talking around them… As you see, a kid will fall asleep even on a rocking horse! It’s awesome skill, don’t you think?