Funny Boy Pranks Mom – Epic LOL!

There is nothing funnier than a good prank! I especially love the family pranks, and I always thought that the best ones are when parents pull some harmless pranks on their kids, but after watching this video I changed my mind! This video shows a simple yet fantastic practical joke that a kid pulled on his mom and her reaction is absolutely hilarious, so you better check it out! The video starts when this mom comes into her kid’s room and sees a box covered with a blanket. She knows that her son is hiding in there and she starts talking with him in baby language. She asks if her baby is under the blanket and he says yes! Then he moves a bit and lures his mom to uncover him, and when she finally does she freak out and starts to scream! OMG, you have to see this! She finds her son wearing a mask, but she didn’t see that coming at all! LOL!