Funny Boy Wants all of Mom's Slushy to Himself

Toddlers may be little, but that does not mean that they can’t have big opinions! Let’s take the little boy from this video as an example. As the clip begins, you can see a confused little boy standing in the middle of the room. His mom’s just asked him to get her a frozen juice, but you can tell that he’s having second thoughts about it. He opens the lid of the frozen juice and tastes it. Mmm, that’s yummy! This little funny boy decides to keep the juice. It’s just too good to share! LOL! How funny is that? The fact that mom keeps reminding him that the deliciously frozen juice belongs to her doesn’t bother this toddler boy all that much! This little one definitely doesn’t go by the expression sharing is caring! LOL! Selfishness is not a virtue, so you know, little boy! Too funny for words if you ask me!