Gargantuan snowdrifts choke Russia's Far East

Stunning footage shows massive snowdrifts choking Russia's Far East, reaching up to the chest of the filmer.

In the video, the filmer walks in his garden, filming all the houses around him fully submerged by snow. He then decides to demonstrate the height of snowdrifts by sitting in one.

The snow reaches past his chest, prompting him to say, "wow, with every step I make, the snow level becomes higher and higher!"

He adds, "look, there's my sauna down there – I can't even see where the snow ends on the roof of it ... it's really scary to walk here, actually."

Snow levels reached the height of a small person – around five feet – in Kozyrevsk, Kamchatka region. Their severity is unusual even for the area, and the result of a local cyclone.

The amazing weather phenomenon was captured on December 17.