Gas Pump Charges Even When Not Pumping

Occurred on October 5, 2018 / Warsaw, North Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "I am a CDL driver for a company. I needed to get Diesel for the remainder of the trip I was on, so I pulled off at an exit. At a truck stop getting fuel you have a master pump that takes your payment and a secondary pump for the fuel tank on the passenger side. My truck only has a passenger side tank, so to start the pump I have to set the master pump on the ground then start the secondary pump to fuel. After starting to fuel, I noticed that there was nothing coming out of the pump so I shut it off. Walking back around the truck I see that the master pump is counting $ and I am not pumping anything. That's when I started recording the $ counting on the pump. I then moved my truck to another pump and I went inside and confronted the owner telling them what happened before they could say a word I told them that if you need to see it, I can show you the video. They refunded the $ on the company's card and did not want to see the video what so ever. I was amazed and I keep thinking of how much they rip people off on a daily basis just a few or even more dollars at a time."