Gecko's tail seen wriggling on floor after cat bites it clean off

This was the bizarre moment a gecko's tail was bitten off by a cat and it stayed wriggling around on the floor. at a home in Koh Samui, Thailand, last month (September 26).

The 18-month-old tabby named Momo grabbed the gecko as it scampered across the kitchen floor.

Owner Paul Milburn is heard saying ''that's gross'' as the lizard's tail writhes around on the floor.

Speaking after, Milburn said: ''The gecko had skills until my cat got hold of it. It was some freaky stuff."

''Momo is an orphan. She was abandoned when we took her in. She has a thing for tails and once bit one from a squirrel.''

The limbs of lizards like those of snakes can survive for a short time after they have been detached from their bodies.