Getting Up-Close to a Mountain Gorilla

Occurred on September 21, 2018 / Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Info from Licensor: "On a trip to Rwanda I went on a Gorilla trek. After an approximately two hour hike through a slippery rainforest we came up the Amahoro family of gorillas. At the time I believe there were 17 members. Video shows me getting close to the dominant male silverback of the family. As soon as I noticed him stirring I warned my fellow trekkers. We were able to get down and avoid eye contact. We were also supposed to do grunting noises but the only one who remembered that was the guide. Apparently this gorilla Ubumwe, the chief silverback is one of the calmest in the region. While we didn't seem to be in danger the guide insisted it was good that we all acted submissively."