Giant monitor lizard walks on packed tourist beach in Thailand

This is the astonishing moment a friendly monitor lizard emerged from the ocean and walked on a packed beach to the amazement of sunbathers.

The 5ft long reptile was seen swimming around the bay in Krabi, southern Thailand on January 29.

He casually paddled over to the shore then sauntered along the sand as holidaymakers looked on.

Incredibly, the giant lizard - which has a venomous bite and can attack humans - was un-phased by the tourists and walked among them as they took pictures on their phones.

The reptile then waddled over to nearby trees before disappearing into the forest at the Than Bok Khorani National Park.

Park ranger Weerasuk Srisudjung said there are about 10 water lizards living in the national park.

He said: "These water lizards had been here for many years. This national park is a reserved place, so nobody comes to ruin their habitats.

''They like to show up on a sunny day to keep themselves cool in the water. They never hurt tourists or any officers in the national park.''

The officer also said that the existence of the reptiles showed the healthy ecosystem of the island which was something tourists need to be aware of.

Weerasuk said: ''We are happy to see animals and humans living harmoniously. However, they are still wild animals that could attack others to protect themselves.

''It is best for tourists not to touch or hurt the water lizards and other animals on the island and let them live naturally.''