Giant octopus 'shakes hands' with diver off Washington coast

This US diver experienced a great encounter with a seemingly friendly octopus that appeared to shake his hand.

Footage captured off the coast of Washington shows the diver approaching the octopus hidden under a rock.

The octopus then stretches out one of its tentacles to hold onto the diver's hand and eventually gives away.

The diver told Newsflare: ''Giant Pacific octopuses are curious and intelligent animals.''

''They will interact with divers, especially when the diver lets the octopus decide how much, so I put my hand out and the octopus takes a hold.

''I wonder what it is thinking "Is this thing alive? Can I eat it?

''Octopuses can taste with their suckers, but my suit prevents it from touching my skin so the octopus must really wonder if I am alive.''

The clip, filmed in April 2013, recently emerged online.