Giant python caught after swallowing Thai farmer chickens

This is the horrifying moment a huge python was caught after swallowing two chickens at a farm.

Farmer Khun Aporn, 50, went to feed his poultry but was stunned by the appearance of a 17-foot-long snake coiled in his coop in Trang, southern Thailand on Saturday (July 13).

The former soldier then called for help after discovering that two of the birds were missing and there was a huge bulge in the snake's belly.

Four members of the rescue squad rushed to the scene and caught the lethargic python, which was still digesting its food.

Sorrowful Aporn said: “There were two snakes and they have trespassed on my land before.

''Before, one of them caught my pigs and this time they had my chickens. I've done my best but what more can I do?''

The rescue team captured a snake in the sack and released it back to the wild some distance away from the property.