Gillian McKeith struggles with unruly dogs in photoshoot

During the press screening for The Pick of the Litter 'Dog-umentary' Gillian McKeith was herself dogged by unruly puppies.

The Scottish TV presenter and former host of Channel 4's You Are What You Eat was pulled left to right by a yapping dog who didn't take to kindly to the paparazzi's flashing cameras.

Mrs McKeith was then photographed with English film actor, rapper, writer and director Adam Deacon and his dog. This four-legged friend became very friendly with Mrs McKeith as he leapt up and placed his paws on McKeith's hips, drawing gasps of embarrassment from the TV host.

Gillian then tried to hold Deacon's dog but it proved all too much and they resorted to being photographed with Deacon's dog on a leash held by Mrs McKeith. This is when the powerful pup launched forward and almost pulled the Scot off her feet.

Footage shows Gillian standing on a red carpet with a dog on its leash. The dog is barking loudly while trying to make a break for it. Mrs McKeith is laughing loudly as she tryies to maintain composure for the photographers.

Footage then shows McKeith in a photobooth where the dog pokes his head out forming a very cute tableaux.

The filmer then captures Adam Deacon and Gillian McKeith having their photo taken while holding Deacon's dog who itself proves to be uncooperative.