Girl Doesn't Realize She Was Bitten By a Copperhead Snake

Occurred on May 14, 2020 / Huffman, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "Paris, a cheerleader was going to practice her tumbling, so was videoing herself like she always does. When she took off her shoes, she got bit by a copperhead snake and did not even know it. She thought a stick or something stabbed her so she was trying to walk it off. Her foot started swelling up, so we rushed her to ER, which is where when the Doctor was asking questions she told us she had a video of it and started showing it to us, zooming it in. That's when we saw a snake biting her. She was given anti venom and then transferred to Tx Children's Hospital where she received 3 more more doses. She spent two nights in the hospital and then was sent home to recover. It is almost completely healed 5 days later."