Girl swims in mud at Liverpool rock festival

This was the hilarious moment a girl at a Merseyside rock festival swam on the ground during muddy conditions on Saturday (July 27) after rain deluged the site.

Footage from the "Let's Rock Festival" on Liverpool's Croxteth Park shows the lady performing what appears to be front crawl as onlookers laugh and film.

The filmer said: "Considering the weather has been great recently around the time of this recording at this Let’s Rock Festival in Croxteth park it was the complete opposite.

"The woman you see in the video had just fallen in the mud and because she was already covered in mud she decided to swim around like it was a swimming pool and she also decided to slide around in it as if she was a child.

"This was a random woman who we had just seen for the first time in our lives so we do not know her name and age."