Girls in Vietnam engage in weird flour-eating wheelbarrow race

A weird high school challenge in west Vietnam was caught on camera, as girls competed in a wheelbarrow foot race, while trying to empty a 3 kilo bowl of flour with their mouths.

The high school in Nghe An Province, held the race on October 16, 2018, with six teams participating of 10 members each sorted into five pairs running in a wheelbarrow.

The pairs then alternate trying to empty a bowl of flour at the far end of the track over three minutes, and the team that blows out or eats the most flour wins.

Each bowl holds about three kilograms of flour. The winning team collectively blew up or ate more than one kilogram of flour.

The crowd of onlookers and participants alike found the event very funny and can be seen laughing and cheering as everyone's face grows more and more floury.