Go with the flow: Bird surfs across dam on hippo's back

A lucky tourist captured the moment a bird surfed across a dam in Kruger National Park, South Africa, on the back of a hippopotamus.

Footage shows a Heron moving across the water as it stands on top of a hippopotamus.

The hippopotamus doesn’t seem to mind the cheeky stowaway on his back as he serenely surfs over the water.

At one point, like all good surfers, the heron even adopts a sideways stance, legs confidently astride.

“At first, the bird got a surprise when the hippo took off but the heron confidently managed to keep its balance and stay on. The hippo carried on moving right through the water for over five minutes. The bird was literally looking like it was surfing on the back of this hippo across the dam,” says the filmer.