Goat born with paralysed forelegs stuns villagers by learning to walk upright

A determined goat born with two paralysed front legs in north India has taught itself to walk on her hind legs in an upright posture.

The video, shot by owner Lokesh Mishra, shows the white goat kid balancing itself on her hind legs and running around in Ramdiri area of Begusarai, Bihar state.

According to Mishra, a small goat and cattle farmer, the kid was unable to walk a few days after birth as her forelegs were paralysed at birth: “We had given up on her, but she showed her resilience and started trying to balance herself on the hindlegs. In a few days, she suddenly started running around on her hindlegs only.”

As the news spread in nearby villages, people started pouring in to get a glimpse of the ‘wonder goat that walks like humans’. Villagers have grown fond of the animal with many often taking photos of the kid or bringing friends and family to come and look at it.

When asked how the goat could be have born paralysed, local veterinarians said the mother goat may have been injured in the abdomen, possibly during a fight with other goats during her pregnancy.