Golden retriever helps to collect rubbish floating in Thai river

This adorable golden retriever helps to keep a river clean - by diving in and collecting rubbish.

Four-legged good samaritan Nonny became a star after she was seen swimming in the water to remove waste floating on Bang Toei river in Pathum Thani, central Thailand on June 11.

Owner Saltantip Nutjarat, 43, said that all of the seven dogs she owns are very smart and cheerful but the six-year-old Retriever is special because she has a strange habit of trying to keep everything clean.

Saltantip said: ''My dog is a neat freak. When it’s raining, she won’t go outside or walk on the muddy and wet ground because that would make her feet dirty.

''When I take her for a walk along the canal, she will collect garbage like milk boxes, plastic bags or even jump into the water to catch clogging water hyacinths and bring them up to the shore.

“At first, I was very amazed because I never taught her how to swim or how to catch things. And I knew since then that she is very smart.''

Saltantip would take Nonny for a walk every day and would let her jump into the water as soon as she saw any trash and the dead hyacinths, which would impact the rivers drainage and cause blockages.

Nonny has now become one of the local attractions in the area after visitors spotted her unusual but endearing community deeds.

''Many people who visited the market will look for her and take some photos with her. The garbage officers even came to thank her for lightening their workload,'' Nonny's owner added.