Grandma's Reaction to VR is PRICELESS

Have you ever tried playing a VR game? If you haven’t, you should definitely give it a shot as soon as you get the opportunity! It’s such an amazing experience. And if you don’t believe me, just check out this funny video! This video shows a woman’s first VR experience. She’s sitting in a chair with a VR headset on her head, and you can tell that she’s having so much fun with it. So cool! Most people get really scared when they first try a virtual reality headset, but not this lady! She’s already a pro! You can tell that she’s confused, but she’s really enjoying it as well! She gets really excited when she encounters Captain America and the Hulk. And who wouldn't? It seems like she could stay the world of virtual reality the whole day long! That’s how much she likes it! LOL! This video is so funny!