Great Dane support dog helps US child with brittle bone disease down stairs at library

This was the adorable moment a large Great Dane support dog assists its child companion who has trouble walking in Burlington, Wisconsin last Tuesday (June 25).

The pooch, named Finn is seen giving Eve assistance down the stairs where it would prove difficult for her usual wheelchair to access.

Eve was born with the condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) which is also known as brittle bone disease which means she has to use a wheelchair a lot of the time.

Finn was provided by the Service Dog Project a non-profit organization and he is able to alleviate any stress for Eve if there are times where she can't use her wheelchair.

Eve's mother commented on the video: "Finn saves the day (and my back) again! So Eve could attend the paint pour at the library! Can’t wait to see it after it dries tomorrow!"

The duo has a large following on Facebook and one fan commented: "Great job Finn and Eve. You work so well together."