Greatest Grey Cats

The Russian Blue cat is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from light silver to darker, slate grey. Not only are they a beautiful breed, they are funny and smart too. This compilation of blue cats will probably make you want to adopt one because they are so freakin’ adorable and entertaining. I mean seriously! The personality on some of these cats will have you cracking up! Like the beautiful grey cat, 34 seconds in, who takes her human’s money and WON’T LET IT GO! The second clip in the comp had me cracking up (:10) – two cats balance on their back legs and swat at each other. You know what we say here at That Pet Life… double the trouble, double the funnies. My favorite clip has to be the cat who steals a woman’s food right off of her plate (2:30). It is so funny because the woman can tell that the cat was about to steal her food, said something, the cat acknowledged the woman but decides to take a piece of turkey and runoff. Fearless! Check out this hilarious compilation and share your favorite clip in the comment section below!