Greedy snake struggles to swallow live monitor lizard

This snake bit off more than it could chew when it tried to swallow a live monitor lizard.

The golden tree snake pounced on the unsuspecting 2ft long reptile as it scampered through woodland in Lopburi, central Thailand, on April 21.

Footage shows how the serpent wrapped itself around its victim but struggled to get its jaws around the water monitor’s body.

The pair eventually dropped to the ground as the tree snake continued trying to swallow the lizard whole.

Hiker, Nang Ploy, captured the scene during her walk. She said: ‘’It looked like the snake won the battle eventually. It was struggling to eat the lizard for about 20 minutes.

''When I left the lizard was lifeless. I continued my walk but when I returned on the way back about two hours later, both of them had gone. I think the snake had swallowed the lizard by that point.''