Groom in India arrives for his wedding in a STEAM-ROLLER

A bridegroom in west India decided to buck tradition by riding to his wedding on a steamroller last Sunday (January 27).

Arka Patra, 30, from West Bengal's Nadia district, when he came to tie the knot in a road roller, breaking away from the tradition of arriving on a horse or in a car.

Patra, the son of a goldsmith, stepped out of the decked-up road roller outside the bride's house at Krishnagar Ukilpara, much to the surprise of the waiting guests and onlookers.

He later said: "I wanted to make my wedding ceremony memorable and unique. I could take a vintage car, but that would not be new."

His wife Arundhuti Tarafdar had also agreed to his unique idea, after he had discussed it with her a few days earlier. The groom's accompanying friends and relatives turned up in a yellow and red coloured mini bus.