Group Aids Officer in Restraining Man

Occurred on October 12, 2018 / Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was walking through the Germany parking lot at Busch Gardens when my cousin said look there’s a guy in a speedo. I turned around and he was in fact fully naked not wearing a stitch of clothes and attempting to get in a car that ended up being someone he didn’t even know that was just driving by. The car sped off and a citizen grabbed the man and put him on the curb. That’s when I took my phone out and the man sat there while the citizen that put him on the curb called 911. When the officer arrived moments later he stood up and the officer told him to get on the ground he proceeds to walk towards her and she told him he will be tased if he does not comply. He did not, so she tased him. Once he hit the ground she attempted to cuff him. She straddled him from the back and once she did and attempted to cuff him and lifted her off his back and attempted to get away. That’s when bystanders tackled the man to the ground until the officer could cuff him."