Guitar-Loving Kittens Crowd Around Street Performer

Being a street artist is not easy. Unlike any other type of entertainment, almost all of the members of your audience, did not plan on watching your show. They were planning on doing something else until you convinced them, either with your actions or your words, to stop and watch. This by itself is difficult. On top of that, the audience gets to see the entire show before paying a dime. There is nothing preventing them from simply turning around and walking away at the end of the show. What other form of entertainment lets you watch the entire performance, and then lets you decide how much it was worth to you?

<a href="" target="_blank">Buskers</a> have it tough, performing their art and receiving practically zero attention from their audience as they pass them on the street, but one particular street musician was more than happy to play his music for the most unusual audience - a gang of music loving kittens! The video shows the smiling musician perform his art for the enthralled audience as all four cats have their heads tilted up towards the man with rapture. If only cats could hold down jobs, they would be the purrfect public! It’s not easy being a street musician but with audience like this, everything seems brighter. The cats may not join in singing, dancing and stamping their paws on the rhythm, but they seem stunned by his performance. They stand in front of him like he is the saviour and with their presence, he can’t be more grateful. He will leave short of applause, but the mere sight at this cats makes his spirit go up.

The quartet were entertained on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, as the man plays his <a href="" target="_blank">acoustic guitar</a> and sings a popular Malay song called 'Keindahan Pantai', which translates into 'Beautiful Beach'. Watching them listen to the musician and he strums on the strings of his instrument, as if they are mesmerized by the tune, is the most heartwarming thing you will see all day! The busker’s friend, who also recorded this encounter, said that the man felt unappreciated and upset, so he sat down and started playing just for the fun of it, when the four youngsters gathered in front of him and never turned their heads once. Eventually, he thanked them for their attention, as a true performer would. They certainly prove that cats have for more patience in them than they lead on.

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