Gunfire and screams heard as protesters in Caracas flee amid clashes

Venezuelan police fire tear gas and rubber bullets into protesters as the filmer stands among paramedics ready to respond during the ongoing civil unrest on May 1 in Caracas, Venezuela.

As the firing suddenly increases screams and shouts from protesters can be heard beyond the fence in front of the filmer.

Tear gas fills the street forcing the paramedics and other journalists present to wear gas masks or cover their faces.

This footage shot in the daytime starts off with a loud shot followed by a stream of smoke from where the shot takes place. This is thought to be a tear gas canister fired into a crowd of people.

A man in a high visibility vest runs past the filmer just as this shot is heard making him bend over and cover his head in a panic. Paramedics in their red vests can be seen also filming the events near the filmer.

The street is covered in tear gas canisters with the poisonous gas snaking out into the atmosphere around the filmer.

A barrage of shots can then be heard beyond a fence in front of the filmer which forces the protesters to retreat back towards the fence while screaming and shouting.