Han Solo proposes to Princess Leia at Arkansas Comic-Con

A Star Wars superfan was given the biggest surprise of her life when Han Solo proposed to her at Comic-Con.

The footage, filmed September 8, shows Dan dressed as Han Solo getting down on one knee to ask his Princess Leia, Amber, to be his wife.

Amber answers jokingly with a no but quickly shouts yes.

“He told me after that he thought since we first met at a comic con, what better way than to propose at one, too,” Amber said later online.

Amber adds that Dan's family witnessed the whole thing and that the setting was perfect for a group of Star Wars fanatics.

"It was such a wonderful and surreal experience, he was proposing to me as Han Solo, we were at a little comic convention and there was a crowd of people watching it all happen too!

"Another great thing was that some of Dan’s family also came to Arkansas Comic Con with us and were also filming the special moment.

"They knew what was going to happen, I didn’t even click they’d all be there for any particular reason other than we all went to the con as a family. "