Hapless cow rescued after getting stuck in gap between two walls in Thailand

This hapless cow needed to be rescued after getting stuck in the gap between two walls in eastern Thailand.

The three-year-old farm animal had wandered away front its field when it became trapped in Pattaya last Saturday (July 20).

The huge black cow's head was sticking out of the front part but her rear end was too big to get through the gap.

Footage shows the rescue team using hammers and pneumatic cutters to break away part of the concrete wall to free the animal.

The cow was finally released after an hour without suffering any injuries.

Relieved cow owner Winai Thipyor, 64, said: "I am so happy she's safe now.

''My cow would have been dead if the house owner did not allow the rescue team to cut his wall. And after all, he did not even charge me for the damage."

While Sangkom Vichitsak, 50, the house owner, said: ''I do not mind the rescue team cutting off my wall at all. The most important thing for me is the safety of that poor cow.

"No one expects this accident to happen, there is no point to charge the man."