Hapless dog rescued after getting stuck in iron gate while sheltering from rain

This hapless dog had to be rescued after getting trapped in an iron gate while trying to shelter from the rain.

The three-year-old female pooch jumped onto the green railings in front of a home in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, during a storm on Monday (June 24).

But the mutt failed to clamber over the top and was spiked by the sharp iron bars designed to prevent intruders.

Concerned neighbours heard the Aspin dog crying out in pain and called the emergency services. Rescue workers had to spend over an hour cutting the iron bars.

The dog was then put on a stretcher and rushed in an ambulance to the nearest animal hospital where vets bandaged her up. She had a deep wound in her stomach and was weak and breathless.

Next door neighbour Charan Tansakun, 23, said: ''The owner of the house is away at work so there was nobody there to help the dog.

''I heard the crying and whimpering and went to look. That’s when I saw her and called the rescue service for help.''

The dog is believed to have been a stray dog in the neighbourhood. She has been kept under the care of the animal hospital.