Hapless monitor lizard rescued after getting stuck in coffee shop urinal

This hapless monitor lizard drove coffee shop staff round the bend after getting stuck in their urinal.

The reptile scampered inside the cafe but was spooked by a pet dog yesterday (July 7) afternoon in Trat, southern Thailand.

It took refuge the toilet before the terrified staff slammed the door to keep it locked safely away until the emergency services could arrive.

But when they opened the door, they found the 3.5ft long water monitor lizard had tried to escape by scurrying up the men's toilet.

The beast was firmly stuck with nothing but its long tail poking out of the porcelain - giving it a nose-full of smelly odors as its head was stuck at the back of the urinal.

The shop's waitress says in the video: ''I heard the dogs barking and the monitor lizard was scared. It ran away into the toilet.

''This was the first time that a monitor lizard has come into our shop.''

Rescue workers from the Sawang Boriboon foundation had to unscrew the pipework from the urinal before they could free the lizard.

The creature was then carried outside and released safely and without injury back into a nearby forest.