Hapless pet dog rescued from near-drowning in Thai deep well

This is the heartwarming moment a frightened dog was rescued after falling into a well in southern Thailand.

Chawanlak Rujitrasrirat, 48, was walking with her one-year-old pooch to look for some bamboo shoots at the field in Songkhla on July 20.

She said that her dog Demon was trying to chase a small creature in the bush and immediately but fell in the concrete well before she could stop him.

The panicked owner then called her husband and neighbours for help but it was impossible to reach the trapped dog from the 16-foot well.

She said: ''I didn't see what he was running after, but I think it was a small lizard. He ran very fast and didn't stop when I told him to.

''We tried to help him but the well was too deep, so we threw him a wood board for him to hold while waiting for rescue officers.''

Rescuers arrived after Chawanlak's call and found Demon was holding onto pieces of wood. He was heard whining and panting heavily while struggling under the water, having been trapped for around two hours.

Footage shows how two volunteers used a long stick with rope to tie on his right leg before attempting to tie a cloth lasso onto his neck.

But the clever dog instead held the cloth with his mouth. The team then immediately pulled him and safely brought him back to the ground.

Luckily, Demon was not physically injured by the accident. Chawanlak came to comfort the exhausted pooch before bringing him home to rest.