He Can't Lift the Guitar, but that Won't Stop him from Playing

Awww… Kids and their talents! If you are a parent, you know you have to support your kid through all phases! So, the kid in this video decided he is a guitar player! It would be wonderful if he knew how to play the guitar. Instead, he is just banging on the guitar strings. Well, he is singing a song, and that’s something! However, he’ll be needing guitar lessons soon! I am not sure how long could I put up with this noise. Yes, he is super cute, but still… Imagine coming home from work to the peace and quiet of your home. But then your kid decides it’s time for the afternoon concert! LOL! However, parents being parents, they put up with everything! It’s one of those things you just have to do when you’re a parent. Still, I’d take this kid to music lessons as soon as possible! LOL!