Headteacher forces pupils to smoke as bizarre punishment for being caught smoking

This is the bizarre moment eight-year-old school kids caught smoking were punished - by being forced to smoke more cigarettes.

The group of boys - around 11 of them in total - were seen lighting up in the playground at the primary school in Sukabumi, Indonesia, last Saturday (3 November).

They were dragged into the headmaster's office where they waited nervously, expecting a severe telling off plus letters home to their parents.

But headmaster Tati Maelati lined up the pupils and handed them each several cigarettes, which he then made them chain smoke in his office.

He said that this would act as a ''deterrent'' as they would feel the bad effects of the smoking.

However, footage taken by another teacher shows how the Grade 2 students ended up smiling and laughing as they happily puff away on the cigarettes.

The strange punishment sparked outrage from the parents who angrily demanded to see the headmaster.

Local child protection activists and the local government representatives also complained.