Heart-melting moment little boy realises Captain America is his dad

This is the moment a little boy is stunned when he sees Captain America walking up the driveway only to realise it's his dad in disguise.

Footage shows the boy pointing in awe at Captain America, who is off screen. The amazed little boy gasps, "It's Captain America!". Watch then as his face changes to confusion and then utter elation as it dawns on him that behind the mask his his father. The words then spoke in disbelief will melt your heart, "Ah! It's Daddy!"

This besotted little fan runs with arms wide open towards his father shouting "Daddy! Daddy!"

The father, a marine, who had been stationed for three years in Japan made a surprise return for Easter. He decided to play the costume-prank as he knew Captain America was his son's favourite Avenger superhero.

This dad-cum-Captain-America scoops up his little son with ease and holds him close showering him with kisses and asks, "Are you so happy?"

This touching clip was filmed on April 23 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.