Heart-stopping moment California man finds mountain lion in his garage

A man in California received the surprise of his life when he and his wife went to the garage to do some washing on Sunday, only to find a mountain lion in the room.

"We went to add more time to the dryer, and right next to us was a mountain lion," said the filmer, Sean Ishol. He said that he had to get out a pole for protection and " to save my wife [Bobbi]." He wielded the piece of PVC pipe as a weapon as they tried to slowly leave.

"I can't believe we're alive," he told Newsflare.

Unfortunately, the mountain lion wasn't so lucky. After Sean called California Fish & Wildlife to remove the lion, it transpired that it was in very poor health.

"They came and they had to put it down because how malnourished it was, it was really sad," Sean said.

"They may open a criminal case because it looked like it may have been captive or a pet that's was treated wrong."