Heart-stopping moment T-boned car spins into lamppost in Stockport

Shocking footage has emerged of a large lorry going through a red light at a junction and smashing into a hatchback in Stockport, Greater Manchester, on Wednesday (February 20).

In dash-cam video caught from a vehicle behind the hatchback, on the Higher Hillgate-Longshut Lane junction, a green light is showing and the traffic advances.

However, from the left-hand side, a heavy goods vehicle can be seen driving without slowing down and approaching the traffic lights.

As the hatchback reaches the centre of the junction, it gets T-boned by the HGV, sending it flying across the road, spinning it nearly 180 degrees. It eventually comes to a halt but not before hitting a lamppost, which is left wobbling.

The driver of the Ford Fiesta - a 59-year-old lady - was taken to hospital with minor injuries after being "bruised from the seat belt."

Neil Rigby, who filmed the incident on his dash-cam, said: "I was following the lady and could see what was about to happen, hence the cry in the video and it was like slow-motion."

Rigby later said: "She was conscious and not in any immediate danger and so we left her sat in the car until the ambulance arrived.

"The truck driver had pulled his vehicle over to the side of the road and was very remorseful.

"He admitted it was his fault and said he just didn't see the lights.

"The lady's side airbags were deployed and the car was written off."