Heartbreaking moment a baby elephant collapses 'with exhaustion' while chained to mother giving rides to tourists

This is the heartbreaking moment a baby elephant appeared to collapse on the ground with exhaustion while chained to its mother who was giving rides to tourists.

The calf, believed to be around a year old, was strapped by the neck to its fully-grown parent who was carrying visitors on her back in Pattaya, eastern Thailand on May 17.

Onlookers can be heard saying ‘’Oh no he’s tired!’’ as the baby rolls on the ground in the midday sun with temperatures approaching 40C.

He then stands up and scampers away to keep up with the adult at the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens.

According to a tourist, who did not want to be named, the baby elephant appeared to be exhausted from walking around the area collecting tourists who pay to ride its mother.

She said: "There are many more baby elephants tied with their mother walking around with tourists at their backs enjoying the heat of the sun while these elephants are suffering.

"This one baby elephant was so exhausted, and you can see the mother comforting and encouraging her to stand."

The concerned tourist is a Filipino migrant worker in Thailand's neighbouring country Myanmar where she is a teacher.

She was with friends spending their vacation in the area when the incident happened.

The filmer added: ‘’I’m just concerned for the elephants and want to ensure their welfare is properly taken care of.’’

A spokesman for the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens denied that the elephant was tired or being mistreated.

They said: ‘’All of the elephants are healthy and treated very well. If there is a problem they are treated by vets. All of the babies here are healthy.''

Earlier this month a baby elephant nicknamed Dumbo died at a show in Phuket, southern Thailand, after becoming so weak its back legs snapped while performing.

The three-year-old animal, who was forced to perform up to three times a day, was pictured looking emaciated and was suffering from an infection before he collapsed.

His keepers took him to a veterinary clinic on April 17 where a scan showed that he had broken both of his back legs, and he died three days later.