Heartbreaking moment officials treat elephant struck by train in Sri Lanka

This is the moment officials and villagers desperately tried to save an injured elephant that had been hit by a train in Sri Lanka.

Footage captured on October 10 in Welikanda shows the stricken elephant in a pit of mud as curious locals watch on.

The animal had been hit by a train on the Colombo-Batticaloa line on Tuesday night (October 9) and discovered the following morning.

Veterinary surgeons of Giritale Wildlife Office arrived on the scene and treated the critically injured elephant.

The animal thrashed around in the mud but was unable to right itself.

There has not been any update on the elephant's condition as of Wednesday (October 11).

A report for Sri Lanka's parliament showed that in 2016, almost 90 people were killed by elephants, while 279 elephants were killed by people.