Heartbreaking moment pet dog chases owner's car after 'being left behind'

This is the heart-breaking moment a pet dog chases after its owner's car after allegedly being left behind when the family moved home.

The desperate mutt was seen chasing after the silver pick-up truck crammed with belongings.

Kat Jaroensuk, who was riding behind on a motorcycle, said she caught up with the driver to tell them about the hapless pooch in pursuit of their vehicle.

But she claims the passenger wound down a window and told them that they ''did not want him''.

Kat then began recording the scene as the dog chased the vehicle in vain before the truck eventually pulled away.

Kat said: ''I didn’t know how long this poor dog had been running after the car but I could see that he was running so fast that his legs were sore.

‘’I honked at the truck to get their attention, but the driver did not seem to slow down. So, I accelerated my motorbike to knock on the window and told the couple inside that they were being followed by the dog.

‘’At first, I was being positive and helpful, because I really thought that they might really not know about it. But when the wife replied to me ‘yeah, we don’t want it’ and shut the window right in front of my face, then I knew that they intentionally left their own pet behind.’’

Kat said that after checking with friends in the area, she believed that the couple had been moving house. She said it was ''disgraceful'' to leave the puppy behind.

''The dog kept running and crying even though the truck was nowhere to be seen,'' she added.