Heartbreaking moment wild monkey is found with plastic bottle stuck on his wrist

This is the heartbreaking moment a young wild monkey was found with a plastic bottle which had been stuck on his arm for four weeks.

The two-year-old primate, nicknamed Kuad Nom, had been trying to reach inside to get dried milk from the baby’s bottle thrown on the ground by tourists.

But his paw became stuck and the sharp edges of the plastic which gradually cut through the skin.

The monkey was found with his left wrist inflamed and bleeding. His paw could not be seen inside the bottle as it was covered with dirt and blood.

Villager Thanachot Pattanasrikul, 52, said that the monkey had been carrying the dirty bottle for more than a month.

Locals had wanted to help him but they were worried that he would attack them.

He said: ''We had seen Kuad Nom climbing trees and living in the forest with the bottle on his hand for a long time but we were too afraid to approach him because he was not familiar with humans.

''The wound was likely to be infected and I was concerned that he would die.''

Villagers reported the terrible condition of the young monkey to the Chonburi wildlife hospital, where veterinarians began investigating. They visited the scene and took the monkey into care.

A veterinarian said: ''It was best to take him to the hospital and remove the bottle. We will make sure that he is fully recovered before releasing him back to the wild.''