Heartwarming moment Malaysian fireman revives drowning kitten with CPR

This is the heartwarming moment a fireman in Malaysia revives a kitten with CPR after it was found drowning in a flood.

The moggy was trapped inside a roof a house when heavy rains from storm Lenika battered Kedah, Malaysia, last Friday (August 9).

Rescuers found the kitten unresponsive after it was overcome with water. They plucked the animal to safety then laid it on the ground before giving it CPR by gently pushing its chest.

While holding the creature upside down to help release the water from the lungs, the fireman continued the life-saving attempt.

The little cat, still covered in mud, slowly purred back into life with a gentle meow before struggling to its feet and scampering around on the wet ground.

The hero firefighter was part of the rescue team in Sungai Petani, Kedah. They said: ''These were the efforts of PB Amirul firefighters and their friends to rescue the surviving kittens trapped inside the roof of the house.

''It is a great success for firefighters to save one life. Congratulations to everyone involved.''