Heartwarming moment mother dog and puppy are rescued from abandoned well after crying for help for three days

This is a heartwarming moment a mother dog and her puppy were rescued from an abandoned well after crying for help for THREE DAYS.

Villager Lek Phatjeeb, 40, followed the constant whining and found the two dogs trapped in the 10-metre-deep pit in a field in Chonburi Province, Thailand on Friday (January 18).

Lek said the stray brown and black Aspin breed of dogs were barely moving because they had not eaten or drank for more than 72 hours.

Rescuers from Sawang Prateep Sriracha Rescue rushed to the scene and managed to get the poor creatures up following a call from the woman.

One officer tied a rope around his waist and lowered himself into the hole to attach a makeshift winch to the first dog. Rescuers then pulled the dogs up one by one. They were fatigued and frightened.

Lek said she gave them water and brought them to an animal hospital for a checkup. She said she recognised the dogs from the street near her home.

She said: "I thought that the mother was giving milk to her baby, so I didn't call her to bother her until I heard very loud howling noise from the field.

'I'm so happy that they are still alive. I could have been worse for them if the well had water. I'm thankful for all rescuers who were willing to spend their time to help them.''