Heartwarming moment neglected pooch with dreadlocked fur receives a haircut

This is the heartwarming moment a neglected poodle with dreadlocked fur is rescued and given a much-needed haircut.

Animal volunteers from Watchdog Thailand Foundation were alerted to the dog named Sugar which was mistreated inside a rundown house in Bangkok, Thailand.

Volunteers cooperating with government workers arrived at the house on Tuesday (May 28) and found the brown shaggy-haired pooch walking around the yard.

They tried to contact the owner asking for permission to relocate the dog as she was failing to provide appropriate food and living conditions, which is against Thailand’s animal welfare law.

The dog’s former owner, who was not named, was willing to give Sugar away to the foundation and admitted that the family was not able to continue petting him due to the financial difficulty.

Sugar was successfully rescued from the terrible condition the next day and taken to a temporary shelter belonging to the foundation, where his transformation began.

Footage shows a dog groomer Kriangkrai Thawakorn volunteered to shave and cut the messy matted hair of the ten-year-old dog to make him more healthy and comfortable.

Staff later took Sugar for a shower and did the primary checkup before sending him to the animal hospital for a further physical examination.

A spokesperson of Watchdog Thailand Foundation said: ''Sugar is still fatigued and weak but we’ll keep looking after him and provide him food and medicine until he is fully recovered.

''He’s a lot more handsome and healthy now that he’s had a good hair cut.

''We are now searching for a new owner for him who is ready to love and take care of him.''