Heartwarming moment rescued baby leopard is united with mother

Indian forest officials successfully reunited a leopard cub with its mother in Nashik on Tuesday (August 13).

The cub had fallen into a well in Gajarwadi village in Niphad near Nashik on August 10.

Forest officials rushed to the spot and rescued the cub, which was declared medically fit to be released back into the forest by the vets.

But it took nearly three days of work to make the reunion happen.

The cub was kept in a sugarcane field frequented by the mother. On the first two days, the leopard came close to the cage but left moments before arriving there, perhaps wary of the human presence.

On the night of August 11, the leopard came and stood at a distance.
A forest official then opened the cage lid and finally, the cub was reunited with its mother.